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Adrienne Bailon


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Adrienne Eliza Bailon
Nicknames: Age, A, Agee
Born on: October 24, 1983
Star Sign: Scorpio
Born in: Ecuador
Home Town: Lower East Side Manhattan
Mom: Nilda Bailon
Dad: Freddy Bailon
Siblings: One older sister
Height: 5 Feet
Eye Color: Brown
Race: Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican
Favorite Influences: Celia Cruz and La Lupe
Favorite Music Artist: Selena, Marc Anthony, and La India
Favorite School Subject: Math
Favorite Movie: Selena
Favorite Show: Friends
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Color: Pink & Silver
Favorite Food: Alcappurias , Cheerios, & Pizza with extra Cheese
Hates: Tomatoes, people who talk down on others, and ppl who are fake
Favorite Snacks: Nachos, Doritos
Favorite Restaurant: Benny’s Burritos
Favorite Candy: Apple & Cherry flavored Nerds
Favorite Shopping Stores: Canal Jeans, XoXo, Mystic Boutique
Favorite Clothing Piece: Jean Jackets
Loves: People who make her laugh
Adrienne is the sweetest person you'll ever meet, she is so down to earth and just a wonderful person